Fahrenheit (2005/Multi5)

Fahrenheit (2005/Multi5/Lossless RePack by Seraph1)

Fahrenheit (2005/Multi5/Lossless RePack by Seraph1)
2005 | PC | English / Spanish / German / Russian / French | Developer: Quantic Dream | Published by: Atari / Akella | 1.56GB
Genre: Adventure / 3D / 3rd Person / Int.Movie

WINE a terrible feeling Officer Private Bank in New York kills in the toilet east endskoy eatery is absolutely a stranger. Nothing unusual for a city where murders are happening every day ... if it were not for one thing. Lucas Kane did not want to kill this man. He saw and realized what was happening, but I could not help myself. And more than anything else he wants to know what caused him to commit murder. Carla Valenti investigating a crime are also interested in this issue: ordinary at first glance, it is far more complicated than one might expect ...


paranormal thriller with a nonlinear storyline and intense action;
The unique combination of interactivity and the movies, allows to plunge deeper into the atmosphere going,
Spectacular action scenes: character animation was created with the help of technology motion capture, and record movements participated for more than 50 stuntmen and actors ,
Mode multi view allows us to observe the scene from several viewpoints,
an unusual, yet easy to use interface,
4 main characters, each of which you will manage the process of passage,
All your actions will affect the mental state of characters: you have to see to it that the hero is not depressed.

Features repack:
The basis is taken from the publication GoG.com
Do not cut
Nothing is converted
Ability to install bonus content from GOG
Russian text, and sound from Akella
Ability to play with the English voice acting and the Russian text
setting time 9 minutes
Bilingual installer
Author repack Seraph1

Operating system: Windows XP / Seven
Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz
Memory: 256 MB
Video: 32 MB DirectX8 compatible video card (GeForce 4 level and above, except the MX series, GO, Intel SIS)
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Free hard drive space: 3.6 GB

Fahrenheit (2005/Multi5/Lossless RePack by Seraph1)

Fahrenheit (2005/Multi5/Lossless RePack by Seraph1)

Fahrenheit (2005/Multi5/Lossless RePack by Seraph1)

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